This is Skylink Technologies

Skylink Technologies is a provider for custom web applications and digital transformation.

Just a few words about us

Skylink Technologies is a provider for custom web applications and digital transformation.

Just a few words about us

Long story short

Who we are

Skylink Technologies was founded in early 2020 by the Skylink Holding group of aviation companies and CEO Marcel Izgin.

Skylink Holding has 30 years of experience in the aviation sector and operates complex flight projects on scheduled and charter flights for individuals, group travel or cargo.

Marcel Izgin has a decade of experience with web development and a masters degree in business administration & computer science from the Technical University of Darmstadt with a specialization on project management.

What we do

The objective was to bring digital transformation to the aviation and travel industries with modern technologies. We want to make the lifes of businesses, their staff and their customers easier so they can focus on their core competences. We help customers all around the world with their digital transformation, develop custom software solutions / web applications and connect their systems internally and with third-party systems (e.g. their customers' systems).

Corona Virus Pandemic

Right at the beginning we faced the corona virus pandemic which caused many businesses to stumble. They were forced to practice remote working and social distancing. But many businesses weren't ready for that. With that, our determination to support businesses in digital transformation grew even more.

Mission statement

Our mission is to meet businesses, understand their needs and provide them with tailor-made solutions based on their needs. Many IT providers understand very much what they do on the technical side, but they don't understand what the client actually means or needs. That's one of the most important things we want to bring across: Yes, we can do the technical work AND we understand what needs to be done and why.


Our vision is to connect the aviation and travel businesses with their clients with smart interfaces and increase productivity and efficiency with automated processes and quality assuring tools. We believe that certain things should just be seamless. One of the biggest pleasure is to see customers who can't believe where they came from, when they look at how they work after the digital transformation.


With strong partners on our side we bring even more value to our customers.

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