Digital Transformation for your business.

Digital Transformation is one of the core competences of Skylink Technologies.

With people in mind and technology at hand.

Digital Transformation is one of the core competences of Skylink Technologies.

With people in mind and technology at hand.

Digital Transformation Concept

Running a business that is progressed in terms of digital transformation brings many advantages such as efficiency-gains, cost-cuts, strong competitiveness, sustainability and enhanced innovation. Our concept is composed of the key aspects of digital transformation that partly build on top of each other.


Move from paper to data where possible. This is a crucial step for all other components of digital transformation.

Business Processes

Precisely adjust your processes to a new world with a digital environment. Reduce manual work and eliminate redundancies.


Do more by doing less. Automation programs will take care of tedious work and let your staff focus on quality.


Integrating your internal systems with each other or with third-party systems (e.g. your customers') comes with great advantages for all parties.


We combine standard and tailor-made software solutions depending on your needs. We are experts in developing web applications and interfaces.


Smart reports and visual analytics enable you to explore new perspectives in real-time. Develop new business models, improve quality and make your customers happier.

3 Steps to Digital Transformation

Every business has its own custom processes and special characteristics. Together we will find the best solution for your business and achieve results which you and your customers will benefit from.

As a first step we need to analyze the current situation. Then we identify the measures for your successful digital transformation.

1. Analysis & Consultation

Together we will analyze your current situation. A gap-analysis will help identify the necessary measures we need to take to get to the desired stage of a digitally transformed business. This is a very individual process because it fully depends on your unique business.

Adjustment of business processes and development of custom software solutions.

2. Targeted Implementation

Based on the specific requirements & measures from the first step, we will start with the implementation. It can require development of new systems or configuration of standard software. The development of custom-made web applications is one of our key competences.

Also, some business processes will have to be adjusted accordingly. It will also be crucial to get your staff on board with thought-out change management in order to increase acceptance.

We stay in touch and support and maintain the provided solutions. Digital transformation is an ongoing process.

3. Close Exchange

Digital transformation is an ongoing process and we will be happy to support you all the way as you need to stay in the loop with the changing market, developing competitors and new technologies. After the successful implementation we will provide you with a extensive support & maintenance service for the bespoke software solutions.

Reference Projects

There is no better way to show the power and possibilites of digital transformation than presenting completed projects. Feel free to explore some of our reference projects and let us write a new chapter together.

Ready for the transformation?

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